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I have had a Blade SR UH-1 Huey for some time and recently when the Hueys dropped to $99 I bought another one.  I see the standard SR has been at $129 for awhile now.  To me this heli (both the scale and non scale) is a good value.  Yes it is not the most up to date heli technology available but for the price it makes a great mid sized flyer for intermediate heli pilots.

I believe that the bad reputation this heli received was mainly due to the marketing, saying it was a great next step up from a coaxial.  It is definitely not that but if you are careful with these heli's they fly well especially when bound to a DX6i or better.

I don't see much activity on any of the forums surrounding this heli which surprises me in light of the recently reduced prices!

I still love flying my Hueys (scale mostly, a Huey would look silly flying upside down :) )



Art-Tech RedWolf, Several Xieda 9958's, SR UH-1 Huey (x2), Honey Bee (old one) Eagle 50 (Old one), mSRX, Genius CP (x2), MCPX x2, nCPX, nanoQX, MQX and various and sundry planks. .

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Alright I'll jump in! I havent flown in a few years but a guy at work was excited about getting some new helis from Hobby King almost immidiatly stoked the fire to light the flame and got the bug in me again. 

Realizing my lipos hadnt been charged in a very long time, well I tried anyway. No fires or explosions thank goodness but no action either. I have a Blade cx, cp pro and a Blade 400.

Next best thing? Trusty Phoenix simulator. Put some fresh batteries in the dx6i and had everthing update on the sim. Playing around with some new flybarless models as well as the obligatory Raptor 50, I checked out some of the new Blade models one of them being the SR.

I was very impressed with the handeling! Looked it up online and saw the $129 price tag and headed to the LHS a couple days later after convincing my wife I needed to get it. Of course it doesn't fly as well as in the simulator and to be honest I was a little let down. Not to be defeated I realized that my absense from the hobby had something to do with it. Had it a few days now and hovering ok now. 

Really had a tendancy to drift left on a hard floor....big time.

I wont go into everything here but some setup on the heli improved things and I going to set up my dx6i for it tonight. Looking foreward to trying that radio with it.

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I'm a new user! Stumbled across the site while googling info on the SR I purchased for myself at Christmas. I got it because it was inexpensive.


I think I must have taken everything all the helpful advisors on every site and youtube video as a challenge because I went from a Scout CX to the SR and no simulator.


$60 in parts later I've gone back and gotten a DX6i and the Phoenix 4 simulator. My first take on it was that my SR and the one in the sim don't fly anything alike! I can fly it around and even get an inverted hover in the sim. Hovering tail-in takes every ounce of concentration when I'm on the real one in the back yard. Nose-in is still a disaster, and that's only light on the training gear.


I'm thinking I may step back and get one of the new 200 SR X fixed pitch machines to learn side and nose-in hovering and come back to the SR later.

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Welcome and with the SR you will find it easier without the training gear and going a couple feet off the ground otherwise the rotor wash makes it harder to control.
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Enjoy your new SR!  I think that even with all the new tech out there, for $129 ready to fly it represents an excellent bargain CP heli as long as you have some heli flight experience prior to flying it (this could be on a sim).

Stick with it!  Have fun!


Art-Tech RedWolf, Several Xieda 9958's, SR UH-1 Huey (x2), Honey Bee (old one) Eagle 50 (Old one), mSRX, Genius CP (x2), MCPX x2, nCPX, nanoQX, MQX and various and sundry planks. .

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